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the retro design collar, long neck, and the back of the fringe. The golden city badge, Nike Swoosh and sponsor logo without telling us a great success in recent years the team. first, is the first plastic bottle melts, formed into recycled polyester fiber, textile, compared with traditional methods, saving 30% of the energy. the fiber using Nike Dri-FIT technology, perspiration is better, make the player more cool and dry. The improved sweat channel has many small holes, which consist of both sides of the Jersey, as well as the back of the shirt. Meanwhile, the design of the shorts belt enables the air flow of the shirt smoothly, making the players more comfortable and cool. Nike uses innovative technology to tailor the 3D channel shirt for cou cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ntless top stars.The rumors of Colin Capet Nick (Coin Kaepernick) have subsided. Robert Griffin Sans (Robert Griffin III) has signed a contract with Cleveland Brown. Mark Sanchez (Mark Sanchez) still stays in the quarterback list of Denver wild horse. then how to win the next Super Bowl champion of the wild horse? if the wild horses were not determined to get Capet Nick, they should turn their goals elsewhere. The latest news is that wild horse may choose Josh McKoen (Josh McCown) or Blaine Blaine Heuer (Brian Hoyer) of Dezhou is also one of the choices. Because of the arrival of Griffin, McCain and Bullock became a backup quarterback, Aus Ville (Brock Osweiler) reported that Heuer lost the first. 36 year old McCain in the past three seasons starting 24 games, finished with 36 touchdowns and 19 steals. Heuer, 30, finished 22 times in the past 2 years and completed 20 copies of the 31. so far, so far, he has always believed that his defensive team can be relied on. But can they really rely on the defensive team to win the next super bowl?At Goodison Park (Goodison Park) was founded in 1892, is one of the oldest golf course in the world, other than England stadium, it hosted more first-class football games, witnessed many classic moments. More importantly, since the completion at Goodison Park has been Everton's home. Jersey chest badge, classical embroidery will bring people back to the classic scene happened more than 100 years ago at Goodison Park on the chest, the UMBRO brand trademark double drill also deliberately weakening on the expression of the stadium great respect.NFL |NFL official website announced the latest personal behavior policy | football on Wednesday afternoon, the owners of the NFL team unanimously adopted the new policy on the players' personal behavior, and the chairman Roger Roger Goodell retained the right to appeal for the rules. , a special investigation consultant will be responsible for the initial disciplinary arrangement. Godell said: this will be a new and qualified investigation of the background of personal crime. Professionals will determine the penalties for violators based on our findings. The new policy will include a behavioral committee consisting of several team bosses. At least every year, reviewing policies and recommending appropriate changes, the committee will also seek advice from outside experts. The committee can also appoint an independent panel of experts to participate in the appeal. after the incident of Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson (Adrian Peterson), a more extensive list of prohibited behaviors and corresponding punishment standards due to violent crimes will come into being. 's punishment for the 6 match is related to sexual harassment, assault, domestic violence and other forms of domestic violence. However, the seriousness of the plot will be considered. Godell said that the policy is comprehensive, tough, and difficult, but it will be better for everyone to integrate into the NFL alliance.

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