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Our football equipment network KELME will join the Qingdao the Yellow Sea Football Club jointly launched the team's 2018 season in a home and away jersey. As a famous soccer city on the mainland of China, Qingdao was introduced into Qingdao as early as the Republic of China in the 20s of last century. In December 31, 1993, the Qingdao the Yellow Sea football club was established as the front of the Qingdao sea cow football club. The team badge to walk the tiger and the tiger palm under football as the main body, on behalf of the glory and majesty.JJ Watt (J.J.Watt) occupation career first in the New Orleans saints quarterback sacks, four quarterback Drew Bra cheap nfl jerseys free shipping cey (Drew Brees) was obtained, that is the time in 2011, in the end of Sunday's match he again captured and killed in Bracey, headed for the record. , in the match against saints on Sunday, our Dezhou Houston super defensive player completed his seventieth quarterback catch, becoming the second fastest player to win this award. Watt is 26 years old this year, 75 field occupation career game finished 70.5 quarterback sacks, ahead of him in the only Hall of Famer Reggie White (Reggie White). White has played for the Philadelphia hawk, the Green Bay Packer has been the Carolina panther, and has completed 70 quarterback killing in only 57 games. news: Heuer will start out first in the next game,even-even soccer equipment network Real Madrid and Adidas today launched a new second Jersey season, Real Madrid will be wearing new uniforms in the Champions League this season. Such as Baer, Marcello, Benzema and haymi ·, who just joined this season. Rodrigues and Cross will be dressed in all black robes for Champions League. Yamamoto Teruji choose the most admired black as the main colors of the Jersey, white shirt collocation details look timeless elegance. Following the completion of the main road team uniform design, the second Away Jersey is featured by the Chinese neckband, monochromatic badge and Yamamoto Teruji signature, so that the uniform is successfully closed. In addition, the team used the innovative adizero technology to ensure that the players play the best level. The ultra light material not only improves the air permeability, but also brings unrivalled freedom of movement for the players without reducing the elasticity and Andrea - Hopki (DeAndre Hopkins) for second consecutive days of absence of training. , according to local media, the Houston Dezhou man was trained on the sidelines with a knee injury on Thursday. T.J. (T.J. Yates) when Yates will be in the game against the New York jets game instead of Blaine concussion Heuer (Brian Hoyer) served as the starting quarterback, Dezhou people need their health over the top. "I'm good," Hopki assured the reporter on Thursday. "I've got a hundred percent back." Dezhou people may be careful about their most important offensive weapons. Hopki played all 63 in the last game, and in this victory he finished a wonderful match. In the face of Daryl - ray Weiss (Darrelle Revis) and jet Hopki, if the whole weekend will not fully recover, it will be a concern for those who wish to continue tied for the American League top people in Dezhou district. He will be a name for attention on the official list of injuries on Friday afternoon.

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