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The official website of NFL | tiger running back Bernard with concussion to leave early | football Cincinnati tigers this week in the American League wild card game against Pittsburgh Steelers, stop the first round of the playoffs again. During the match, the two teams were constantly injured. One of them was a fierce collision which led to the concussion of Giovanni Bernard (Giovanni Bernard). Bernard encountered the Steelers linebacker Ryan Sharzer in the process of carrying the ball in (Ryan Shazier) holds, which dropped the ball and fell to the ground can not afford. Bernard was unable to play in the rest of the game because of a failure to pass a concussion test. When the tiger attack to the Steelers red zone, Bernard was initially sentenced to the off the ball for the first touchdown, but the referee in the challenge to the steelers. It is worth mentioning that the penalty is killing the Steelers could return touchdown op cheap nfl jerseys free shipping portunity. then the running guard Jeremy Hill (Jeremy Hill) took on the main offensive responsibility. But the last time he dropped the ball was regarded as the key reason for the tiger's death. This piece of Wei - Kirk Patrick Bradley (Dre Kirkpatrick) and safetys Reggie Nielsen (Reggie Nelson) also leave early.NFL's official website announced that Mario Kobita | Titans season | Rugby Tennessee Titan will arrange Zach Merten Berg (Zach Mettenberger) for the first quarterback in the remaining two games. The main force of the team is rookie Marcus Mario Kobita (Marcus Mariota) who injured his knee in last week's game. The team is not going to let him play again in the rest of the season. this season Mario Kobita passes the ball 2818 yards, took 19 of the array and was cut 10 times. Compared to another rookie quarterback Jim Winston mays (Jameis Winston), Mario Kobita behind 1 touchdowns and nearly 1000 yards passing yards, but steals number less than the opponent. His pass rate was 62%, but Winston finished more shots. Zhou Mei Teng Berg off the bench after 28 passes 20 times, scored 2 touchdowns and was intercepted 2 times. The next two weeks the opponent will be the Houston of Dezhou and the Indianapolis colts, Meitengboge needs to seize the opportunity to prove myself.The New Jersey celebrates prestige, charm and grace, all of which are shared by the Monaco club and the Principality of Monaco. The traditional red and white oblique style subtle equally joined the golden badge outline details, including a shirt on both sides of the golden stripes, chest golden Nike Swoosh trademark and golden club.NFL????|???????????????????????????|????? NFL and NFL League Players Association on Wednesday local time, announced that the agreement on new drug terms. According to relevant sources, the two sides have consulted on drug varieties and punishment measures in the new regulations, and the final terms and conditions will be announced after the two sides have agreed completely. 's new regulations on drug management have led to an early comeback of players who have been banned. The report mentioned players include: Denver Broncos wide receiver Weiss Wilk (Wes Welker), the Dallas Cowboys cornerback Orlando Iskander Rick (Orlando Scandrick) and the Saint Louis rams wide receiver Bailey studman (Stedman Bailey). 3 people will be very likely to play in this week's game. According to official website, has agreed that the new rules will include a higher threshold for the detection of marijuana. It is confirmed that the banned persons will be banned in the 2 match. In addition to this, the prohibited players can also be for themselves. Tests that had been previously released by the media with growth hormone will also be implemented in the new rules. It is said that this test will be fully implemented this season. Official network reporter also said, according to the new rules, at least 20 teams will be affected by this. But the fact is that the public will not be able to know which people will be affected. In the League doping project, a confidential list. The emergence of the new rules will help the League to reevaluate the names of players on the list, and some players will be relegated from it. The above information will not be made public, so the public can not see the impact of the new rules on the players in addition to some changes in the competition. The report also mentioned that the suspension of Josh Gordon (Josh Gordon) outside Cleveland has also been downgraded from 1 seasons to 10 games. Gordon has already carried out 2 matches so he will return to the field in the eleventh week. Gordon was reported to have been working on car sales, and the new drug regulations could make him and Brown a good breath.

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