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Song Gaozong, during the period of Shaoxing (about 900 years ago), Qingming, the Bao TA TA temple on the outskirts of Ling'an, Hangzhou, and the poor scholar paid farewell to their sisters and brother-in-law who went to the grave to worship their ancestors. scholar from the temple of Yili idle away, for a column from the terrace, in Shouan square, flower street, wells pavilion bridge, Xining bridge, to the solitary mountain, four view, path to the West lake. Xiantingxinbu, standing on the lake bridge. Seeing the landscape, the scholar sighed, "good scenery!" Cloud in the northwest, Southeast of mist, falling drizzle. West Lake green, one more very hazy mist, charming. The student supports an oil paper umbrella with him, and appreciates the thunder peak pagoda and the shallot hills on the other side. At this point in the Lake Pavilion, a very stunning white girl is looking at him...... * * adaptation of Feng Menglong "men" of the "white lady Yong Zhen Leifeng Pagoda" "the biography of white snake", the most beautiful classical love story in China, believes that every Chinese is familiar with it. The story takes place in the historical and cultural city of Hangzhou, Zhejiang. Today, the elements of Zhejiang's beautiful and rich Jiangnan Water township are integrated into the contemporary design, and the st cheap nfl jerseys free shipping unning and hot touting of the green city team in Zhejiang has been achieved this season. Mr.X got the home and guest shirt for the first time. Don't say much, and share it with readers of "Mr. X shirt". simple outer packing, only a Anta logo, and a big "L" size logo. But has jumped out the silhouette of the pagoda. cutting and material: using popular tight design, slightly waist. Not too thin elastic fabric can effectively avoid the pitch fiercefighting damage caused by jersey. , taking into account the lack of air permeability, has a full range of air holes behind the shirt, which can be a good solution to the problem of the players' body heat. Jersey front: the panoramic view of West Lake silhouette, "water" and "day", the margin as with the waves of fashion in West Lake waters. in printing and dyeing patterns, by size, countless shades of diffuse dots on a white background. The logo: value of Zhejiang Greentown team building 20th anniversary, as the club special custom logos, above the "1998-2018". air permeable hole: the permeable hole adhesive strip is arranged in irregular arrangement. The first two lines are stacked, showing the double meaning of the Anta "A" letter and the "V" letter. tag: the face is red and gold, and the back is particularly marked with "professional products", indicating the identity of the "changing room player version" of this shirt. after a very chic collar 20th anniversary gold commemorative badge on the extraction of small logo, meaning "take out".Ryan Malet (Ryan Mallet) the absence of the United States Thursday Houston Dezhou people's training, and three days before the team announced Blaine Hoyer (Brian Hoyer) will become the first. So I think we all know what's going on. , according to Houston, said: "the reason Malet was late was oversleeping, and then he appeared at the team meeting, and Friday's training is now ensuring participation. Although the Dezhou people did not agree with the news, Malet is expected to be punished. " obviously is a very sad act, making a bit of an event to help themselves win the first quarterback. learned that in the hard man training camp, the coach told the two quarterback that the first chance was a rotation, and Heuer was just a temporary start. He always encouraged Malet to be ready. It is obvious that the absence of training for his help will only be negative.even-even soccer equipment network Adidas company and the Italy AC Milan club together today announced the team's 2014-15 season home court and second Jersey, New Jersey will debut this season in Serie A in the last two matches respectively. As the club has done in recent years, the New Jersey is completed by competition. the first time Adidas AC Milan shirt design into different colors and width, black stripes center more benign than four black stripes on both sides of the two kinds of different shades of red stripes will bring more rich visual experience. New Jersey shoulder Adidas victory three stripes are white, behind is the representative of Italy red white and green stripes, these constitute the main melody of "Milan Adidas" brand.The official website of NFL |NFL nearly 50 years of classic battle: hand of marine | football in December 21, 1974, on the Sunday before Christmas, 52817 spectators and 40 million fans of the TV set witnessed the best competition in history. The Miami dolphins were on the Oakland Raiders. The Raiders defeated the opponents by 2 points with two points in the last 4 points and 37 seconds. The quarterback Ken Stabler and run Clarence Davis at the last minute, all in a desperate way, became the legendary classic in the history of NFL, the ocean of hand. era background John Madden radiant, coach after holding winner 1970s, the Miami dolphins in the hall of Fame coach Don Shula under the leadership of three consecutive years in the super bowl, and the two championships, creating a record at the time. In 1974, the dolphins won the East Zone champion with a 11 - 3 victory, while the Raiders won the United States West Zone champion with the league's best record of 12 to 2. A pair of rival teams is the world, 8 meetings since 1966, the Raiders with 6 wins, 1 draws and 1 losses. In addition, both Shula and John coach Don Madden is a legend, two people in the history of the NFL only in the first ten years that can get 100 victory coach. fans, even a commentator for the world strong dialogue so exciting and excited fans, home court uniform wearing black clothes, black carry items, waving black banners, deafening cheers with the Oakland arena in order to melt the black sea. The race passes through winner, quarterback Ken Stabler in search of pass target the whole game reversal story appeared frequently striking one snag after another. 1 and kick-off for only 15 seconds. Dolphin Nat Moore took the ball from the 11 yards of the party, and then drove along the left side into the tearing line to drive directly into the ball. Without any obstruction, it easily completed a 89 yards catch and return attack. 0-7, the Raiders are backward. 2, until the second, the Raider started a decent attack. In a machine like strong offensive lines under escort (five in three days after entering the hall of fame), advancing to the match center. Ultimately 〉

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