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Although has been eye-catching this season, Kansas City Chiefs failed to enter the playoffs, but they had a very unusual impact on the two teams participating in the super bowl. new England patriot coach Bill Berry Cheik (Bill Belichick) has said that the team's defeat in the fourth week of the regular season away from the chieftains is the turning point of their season. Coincidentally, the Seattle Seahawks coach Peter Carol (Pete Carroll) similar statements have been published in Monday's press conference, he said the team lost to the Emirates after as a warning for the future in eleventh weeks, opened after the winning spree. After the match, Carol talked to more than 10 players in turn. At present, the Seahawks team has 8 wins. Carol said, "we didn't seem to forget how important it is to fig cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ht side by side and not to support our people. So we didn't put it right at that time. Since then, Seahawks under full of fighting spirit, the team has become increasingly unity.when we entered the off-season when most quiet for a period of time, Russell Wilson (Russell Wilson) the contract issue has become one of the most interesting topics to talk about in the offseason. When the is more obviously when the two sides can not be quickly reached a new contract, for the complex between the Seattle Seahawks quarterback and the contract negotiation process encountered problems become more frequent reports. When was interviewed at the weekend, Wilson reiterated that he had no distractions and did not worry about his contract. "It's not what I care about," Wilson said. "The others will do it. The new contract will be done. I feel excited for the new contract, but also very excited to stay really for a long time in the Seattle seahawks. So, that's the goal. " Wilson never give us reason to doubt his loyalty to his teammates and the desire to stay at sea. But for a quarterback with a heavily underpaid quarterback, the complexity of negotiating a long contract covers all the rhetoric. Wilson, of course, wants to stay with the team that has made great success since his entry into NFL, but he also wants to get a salary that fits his value.The official website of NFL | Les attacked "gas gate after admitting using glue | Rugby NFL, the famous NFL Jerry Rice, recently announced to the host in a TV column of ESPN that she used to glue the gloves to the match. I know this is a bit of a violation. I just used a small sprayer to spray a little glue to the gloves in order to ensure the surface of the gloves. The alliance banned players from using any adhesives to improve the viscosity of their gloves since 1981, but rice did not enter the league in 1985. So if Leslie did use glue, it was not a violation of what he said, but a complete violation. if there is no gas discharging door of the new England patriots, these words he perhaps is not what, because rice deflating the gate after severely criticized the Patriots, he said in an interview: frankly, I think this is a kind of cheating, because this is equal to you without any cause or reason one more than the opponent advantage. I played a lot of games in the cold, I know the cold and cold ball quite difficult, so put a little gas can make the ball well connected to many. Les added in a few days that if the Patriots won the Super Bowl this year, people should put a star next to their Champions. Worse, Les said, "I always do things in the right way, and I don't want to be opportunistic."????|??????ид????????2015??12?|им?4???????????????????1235????? Chongqing honglink bowling alley December 2015 fourth week tournament held at 19:00 last night, brilliant game player He Xiaojun curve with excellent play in this week's game to score 1235 points won the title. The UFO player, the arc player, Chuang Chuang and Jiang Chenggang won the second place and the third place respectively. The two handed curvilinear player Cui Jie won the fourth place; the UFO player Chen Songbai won the fifth place; the double handed curve player Zhu Ning won the sixth place.

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