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NFL official website | Andre Johnson praised the new style of football | During the period of , Andre - Johnson (Andre Johnson) had expressed dissatisfaction with the Dezhou people of Houston, which was once in a stalemate. At the start of the training camp, Johnson finally made a concession and no longer insisted on playing with the team. According to the star wide receiver said, the reason is because changing the attitude of the new coach Bill - Obrien (Bill O Brien). He has instilled his teaching idea to Johnson. Johnson finished 6 matches in his first victory over Washington's red skin, taking 93 yards. He told reporters that he admired the style of ruthless boss. Johnson said he was very frank. He will tell you directly what it is. He doesn't care who you are, and he will point out your mistakes directly. All this is very good, no one enjoys privil cheap nfl jerseys free shipping eges. If I have a problem, he will tell me where it is wrong. It's cool, I like it very much. Johnson also revealed that he liked Obrien's way of using him and placed him in 3 different catching positions to help him play a better game. on Sunday, Johnson will face a new defensive lineup of the Oakland Raiders. In last season's game against the Raiders, Johnson took 10 shots, 116 yards. Johnson has been doing well in his 12 years of career and has always been linked with the future Hall of fame. In the 2014 season, he got the perfect start again. More importantly, experienced an unhappy offseason, he again in the Dezhou people happy harvest.Ryan Malet (Ryan Mallet) the absence of the United States Thursday Houston Dezhou people's training, and three days before the team announced Blaine Hoyer (Brian Hoyer) will become the first. So I think we all know what's going on. , according to Houston, said: "the reason Malet was late was oversleeping, and then he appeared at the team meeting, and Friday's training is now ensuring participation. Although the Dezhou people did not agree with the news, Malet is expected to be punished. " obviously is a very sad act, making a bit of an event to help themselves win the first quarterback. learned that in the hard man training camp, the coach told the two quarterback that the first chance was a rotation, and Heuer was just a temporary start. He always encouraged Malet to be ready. It is obvious that the absence of training for his help will only be negative.Dallas Cowboys quarterback Darko Preiss (Dak Prescott): not only on the pitch is very focused, so is the presence of. earlier, he rejected Kanye - West (Kanye West) concert tickets because he needed to watch video games at home and keep enough sleep. This week he again rejected the invitation of the TV program and the overseas business, and chose to spend time with his grandmother. Scott Preiss told reporters: "football and family, two is my focus, if I have time I will go with my family, because I don't have time to play. Nothing is important with the family. Preiss court said he fishing in his grandmother's home in Dallas, which he failed to do, he told reporters: "the other players encounter this week bye small holiday will choose to go to Las Vegas or Miami, I will choose the home or somewhere a little, this is my offseason do I want to stop their own."The official website of NFL | Oakland Raiders offensive tackle Watson tears | football looks like Drake - Carle (Derek Carr) will lose the key members of his attack front. Oakland Raiders right tackle Mei inside Watson (Menelik Watson) in the team against the Arizona Cardinals preseason game due to an ankle injury leave. But at the end of the game, Watson said on twitter that he had Achilles tendon laceration: Achilles tendon tear. I will return better than before. This is a promise. The main thing now is to support the team. The team manager, Jack Del - Rio (Jack Del Rio), said. This is a big blow to us. It's really unfortunate. He did a good job in the training camp. , from Watson, from Manchester, England, was selected by the Raiders in 2013. He started 12 games in the first start of the season and had 17 games in his career. may take the place of Watson as the first right cutting forward. It's Austen Howard (Austin Howard). He signed the 5 year 30 million dollar contract with the Raiders last year, and he started the 16 games for the team last season.

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