brand in the earlier announced that it will be the beginning of next year in the Pro FoamPosite series of classic "doom" and "North Carolina blue" color, two color is also a simple layout and concise color rendering. overwhelmed for everyone to bring the pro north, this pair of FoamPosite feet on the kind of annual edition of blue color card, shoes with white layout inside lining and the outer bottom framework, and to north of the classic card blue tone rendering Posite vamp, in creating the overall i cheap jordans for sale mens s quite fresh, the movement of the relaxed atmosphere, foam material uppers is also brings a different kind of visual experience. shoes will be in the next year, the next moment, please look forward to. get reloaded, search the app market, "get" to download the latest version, more information about shoes, more beauty pretty shoes, Nike grab shoes, true and false identification of shoes, cool T-shirt gold and get everything; detailed inquiry micro letter "dunkhome", "getdunkhome", micro Bo "when the gu cheap foamposites est," "getapp" and get our sports life!is known to all, Kobe was named the man closest to Jordan. Kobe himself also admitted that Jordan is the most of your actions are good teachers and helpful friends, Jordan steal. Jordan is undoubtedly the greatest basketball player, no one. With Kobe's career in the late, Kobe although in the total score beyond Jordan, but other data want to go beyond Jordan gradually will become a dream. However, in any case, Kobe is still well liked by all the players. Here is a Cheap air jordans for sale list of two people in the classic action, not to prove who is more powerful, but as a continuation of the classic. once a reporter asked Kobe, and Jordan biggest difference is what? Kobe said: hand. There is no doubt that Michael Jordan have a pair of big hands, so often has one hand to catch the ball, the classic action. This part of the movement, the younger boy, unmatched. Jordan many single hand lever, one hand do dunks, Kobe couldn't do, Kobe small to in the air control ball. we all know, one of cheap jordan shoes for men the biggest strengths is Wang tie. In fact, we forget that Kobe is one of the greatest strengths of rod. to complete this action, need strong strength in waist support, happy lady Wang, happy Vanessa I is the evolution of the believers, I believe that the body of the alliance in progress and that League action in progress, put aside practical action, only talk about the beautiful, Kobe Bryant, the action is undoubtedly more clean, more natural ornamental. 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Source: @ and Fu YuOptic Norco has 29 inch diameter and cheap jordans online 27.5 inch wheel diameter of two kinds of wheel diameter is optional, there are different versions of aluminum alloy and carbon fiber material, detachable ISCG direct loading, Norco really can meet the needs of all people. Optic optional models from 27.5 inches to 29erif you want to use the most simple sentence introduction Optic this car, that is: it supports 27.5 and two 29 kinds of wheel diameter, these two specifications of the car are the same name of the same configuration. But when you look at t Retro jordans for sale he details, you will find norco has passed "gravity tune" technology in the frame of different wheel diameter and riding posture adjustment. 27.5 wheel diameter models equipped with front fork of 130mm travel, through the norco A. R. t damping linking technology with 120mm of travel rear suspension control. The 29er models will vary somewhat, such as before and after stroke reduce 10mm to accommodate the larger wheel diameter, shorter the position handlebar closer to the driver. after reading the geometric figure below, you will find more minor adjustments, such as the 29 inch model above the tube angle increased by 0.5 degrees, the length of the tube and the 27.5 models have 10mm differences. The actual difference between 29er and 27.5 (650B) Norco carefully designed after the fork, so that the chain to maintain a straight, more stable. 29 inch models using a shorter 435mm length of the rear fork, in the large frame based on the flexibility to enhance the vehicle. All models of the rear fork are aluminum alloy material. A.R.T "" shock absorber layout makes the rear bile can better vibration mitigation regulation, in the uphill and downhill can have a good performance concise and full of emotional way to make the Optic Norco front can keep clean, reduce the noise caused by the line pipe the 2.25 inch tire wheel collocation, but can be seen after the fork or a certain gap can accommodate larger tires Optic Norco 29 frame geometry Optic Norco 27.5 frame geometry Optic models have many worth emphasizing advantages. First they directly and fox cooperation, jointly developed by the a compression adjustment 120mm travel fork, in performance closer to 2.75 inch models match the 130mm version. At the same time, the "GIZMO" in the design of the line to make the body simple, more quiet, and reduce the maintenance cycle. Carbon fiber frame using the "ARMORLITE" resin material to increase the impact resistance of the frame, adding the "SmoothCore" technology and make the frame become lighter and more efficient.